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Free Vehicle History Report PDF for 1997 - Pontiac - Sunfire - 1G2JD12T9V7655590

Vehicle history report pdf for 1997 - Pontiac - Sunfire - 1G2JD12T9V7655590 is available

VIN number:  1G2JD12T9V7655590 Engine:   2.4L L4 DOHC 16V
Vehicle name:   1997 Pontiac Sunfire Vehicle Trim:  GT coupe
Made In:   UNITED STATES Style:   COUPE 2-DR
Vehicle history report pdf for 1997 - Pontiac - Sunfire - 1G2JD12T9V7655590 is available
Manufacturer General Motors Corporation
Make Pontiac
Model Year 1997
Model Sunfire
Engine Series 4-Cyl. 2.4L
Engine Capacity L4, 2.4L; DOHC 16V
Fuel Type Gasoline
Vehicle Type Passenger Car
Drive Line Type Front Wheel Drive
Country United States
Assy. Plant Lordstown, OH
Body Type 2 Door Coupe
Restraint System Dual Air Bag; Manual Belts
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Vehicle Parts:
Product Type Application Comment OEM Part Number GATES Part Number
Coolant Hose
Cooling System
Molded Heater Hose By Pass - Pipe To Tank - - 18242
Molded Heater Hose By Pass - Tank To Rad. - - 18246
Hose Connector (Quick-Lock) Connector - Heater To Eng. - - 28502
Molded Coolant Hose Heater To Eng. - - 22945
Molded Coolant Hose Lower - - 22148
Straight Heater Hose (Standard) Pipe-1 To Oil Cooler - - 28412
Molded Coolant Hose Upper - - 22152
Front End Accessory Drive Components
Belt Drive System
Automotive V-Ribbed Belt (Standard) Serpentine - - K050474
Belt Drive Tensioner Tensioner Assy. - - 38146
Belt Drive Pulley Tensioner Pulley - - 38011
Fuel Caps & Testers
Fuel System
OE Equivalent Fuel Cap Fuel Cap - - 31636
Regular Locking Fuel Cap Fuel Cap - - 31782
Fuel Cap/System Tester Adapter Fuel Cap Tester Adapter - - 12421
Oil Caps
Oil & Lubrication System
Oil Filler Cap Oil Filler Cap - - 31120
Power Steering Hose
Steering System
Pressure Line Assembly Pressure - To Rack - - 362810
Return Line Assembly Return - From Gear - - 360510
Power Steering Repair Kits
Power Steering Repair Kit Pump Seal Kit - - 348373
Power Steering Repair Kit Rack & Pinion Seal Kit - - 348362
Radiator Caps & Testers
Cooling System
Radiator Cap/Cooling System Tester Adapter Cap Adapter - - 31379
Radiator Cap/Cooling System Tester Adapter Cooling System Adapter - - 31410
OE Type Radiator Cap Radiator Cap - - 31405
Thermostats, Seals & Gaskets
Coolant Outlet Coolant Outlet - - CO34745
OE Type Thermostat Thermostat - - 33828
Premium Thermostat Thermostat - - 33828S
Thermostat Seal Thermostat Seal - - 33611
Water Pumps & Components
Water Pump (Standard) Water Pump Timing Cover & Exhaust Manifold Removal Required. New Gaskets To Reinstall Do Not Come With Pump. - 41028